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CoWorking is a relatively new concept, and there are essentially two types- community-centric or real-estate powered. The first is driven by an evolving clique of people - one person has a friend or two that are like-minded and through their network, a group develops organically. This group may start by meeting on an ad hoc basis in coffee shops or bars. Eventually, they need something a little more structured - a meeting place, great Internet, video facilities.

The other type of coworking, the real-estate powered community is the type that has a better chance of success from the beginning. Someone with office space creates a designated area that is well-equipped with opportunities for inspiration, collaboration and creativity and the means to bring an idea to life. These means may include high-speed Internet, video screens, and full-size write-on walls for those times of shared creativity and privacy from prying eyes and ears, as in a Starbucks.

Ideal for creative thinkers, those needing an incubator environment, aspiring or growing entrepreneurs, individuals working at home and freelancers, these coworking spaces will help create a pathway to success.

In Carlsbad, there are many opportunities to be successful. Twelve of America's fastest growing companies have their headquarters in Carlsbad. Mayor Matt Hall has put the strength of the City of Carlsbad behind the Economic Development Division headed by Christina Vincent, Economic Development Manager. Glen Van Peski is Director of Community and Economic Development.

If you want to succeed you must keep looking for the synergy that comes with working among others in a social and collaborative, yet informal setting. The Hive, our coworking space may be a solution waiting for you at Prime Executive Offices.