Deposition Room

5 Key Components Of A Good Deposition Room

The legal process is stressful for all parties involved. Because of this, you want to make every part of the process as easy as possible.

Don’t know what separates a good deposition room from one that’ll make things more difficult?

1. Security/Privacy

To put everyone’s mind at ease, it’s crucial that you pick a deposition room in a secure location.

Because of the sensitive matter that could be involved in a court case, this detail is essential. You want to find a room that offers privacy and security.

2. Internet Connection/WiFi

In this day and age, having internet access is key in a deposition room. Lawyers need to be able to gather information to use in a trial, and some tools use might require an internet connection.

But not only is it important to have an internet connection; the deposition room should have both WiFi AND wired internet connection. That way, if the WiFi is down, room users can still access the internet.

3. Computer Peripherals

Technology facilitates every kind of meeting. This is no different with depositions. Look for a deposition room that has plenty of adaptors, connectors, and other peripherals. Otherwise, most of the tech you’ll need won’t be very useful.

4. Comfortable Seating

A deposition can take a long time, which means you may spend a lot of time in a chair. It’s imperative that the seats are comfortable with plenty of support. Something as serious as a deposition, this could influence how people answer questions and possibly have small influence on the trial down the road.

5. A Properly Sized Table

Depositions have multiple people in attendance. To seat them all, you’ll need a large enough table. Too small a table, and everyone will feel cramped. Too big a table, and everyone will be too spread out.

6. Snack/Refreshment Access

People can get hungry or thirsty during a deposition.  Make sure your deposition room has access to food and drink. Try to have a water cooler and coffee machine close by. If you can’t find a room with those, try to find one in a building with vending machines.

7. Make The Deposition Go Smoothly

Look out for these things the next time you need a deposition room. By ensuring the room has access to these things, the deposition will be less stressful and it will go by faster.