What would business be today without technology?

At Prime Executive Offices, we understand the role and value that modern technology plays in building great businesses. Rest assured, we’ve made the investment to provide our clients and their guests with technology enhancements they need to get there.

Our Technology Deck Includes:

  • Private Offices include high speed, fiber-optic internet
  • Ethernet cable
  • Conference rooms with LCD, adaptable cables, USB ports
  • iPhone and Android chargers for quick charges

Given the nature of sharing community space, resources and technology, we strive for high levels of:

  • Privacy
  • Ethernet cable
  • Cyber Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Identity Theft prevention

Whether you lease from us or not, we want to help you increase your business and personal security when using a shared co-working space. Here’s what the pros say:

Protect Your Data in a Co-Working Office

  • Implement password and company device requirements, such as automatically logging users off laptops after a short amount of inactivity and requiring cell phone passcodes.
  • Limit the use of shared resources, such as printers, and do not allow devices such as USB drives to be connected to your computer
  • Use monitor privacy screens, which affix to your computer screen and shield its contents from onlookers.
  • Use a virtual private network or VPN to access company systems and guard against data theft. Even when browsing the web, VPNs can help protect you while connected to Wi-Fi or other untrusted networks.
  • Work with a security professional to conduct a security audit at least once a year, assessing your network, policies and procedures for weaknesses.