In all the you have to do as a business owner, administrative tasks often get put on the back burner in pursuit of managing client requests or business development activities.

Private mailbox rentals can make your business life so much easier. Knowing your mail and packages will be delivered to a secure, professional location offers peace of mind. Imagine the comfort you’ll have when you receive an email and/or text message that your package has arrived. At Prime Executive Offices, we can do that and even more.

Enjoy Our Great Features

  • A real address instead of a PO Box
  • Personalized suite number included in each address
  • Impress your clients with our prestigious Carlsbad location
  • Attend our networking events to be part of our community
  • Full-service mail collection
  • Private individual locked mailbox
  • Email notification when packages arrive
  • Professional internet presence, enhanced SEO results
  • Friendly, professional receptionist to greet you and your guests
  • A private business address; so your home address is private
  • Register our address with Dun & Bradstreet profiles/business licenses
  • Use our address on your business cards and Google/Web Listings
  • Meet your clients at our lounge for a quick signature
  • Display your business card at our lobby display
  • Located 7 minutes from the I-5

Mailbox Rental Benefits

Peace of Mind:

Renting a private mailbox can make your business life so much easier. Knowing your mail and packages will be delivered to a secure, professional location offers peace of mind. Think of the expediency when you receive an email that your package has arrived. We can even let you know via email who your mail is from. That’s great if you’re waiting for some checks. 

Privacy & Security:

Many businesses rent a business mailbox so they can keep their home address private. These days with a Google search of your home address a client may make a judgement about doing business with you. With a private mailbox rental at 2244 Faraday Ave, Carlsbad, Google will show a nice, modern office building that is sure to impress your clients. 

Flexibility & Convenience:

Imagine yourself in the middle of a busy day as you try to operate a small business from your home. You need some vital documents that are coming to you by FedEx, and need to be signed for, but a client wants to meet to discuss some new business which creates dilemma. With a private mailbox, you can simply have the documents couriered to your private mailbox address so you can pick it up later at your convenience. 

Freedom & Mobility:

With mailbox rental, you can pursue your professional demands without ever having to change your public information and materials like business cards, brochures and website updates.

Convenient and connected

Carlsbad Premier Business District

Our office rentals are located in the heart of Carlsbad’s premier business district, where the Southern California coastal lifestyle meets the world-class corporate community.

Only a few minutes from the I-5 freeway, with easy access and ample parking, our location is convenient to McClellan-Palomar Airport and San Diego International Airport along with the the corporate offices of noted global and regional firms, and top-line hotels and restaurants.

Our corporate neighbors

  • Callaway Golf
  • City of Carlsbad
  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • Genoptics
  • GoPro
  • Invitrogen
  • Ionis Pharmaceuticals
  • Legend3D
  • Nordson Corporation
  • Park Hyatt Aviara Resort
  • Rubio’s Corporation
  • SGN Nutrition
  • TaylorMade-Adidas
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • ViaSat
  • Zimmer Dental