Mailbox Rental

Are virtual mailboxes safe?

Virtual mailboxes are very safe to use as a mail collection handling service as all mail is sorted into your individual private mailbox where it is securely stored. There are virtual mailbox services in which you can receive email notifications of when you receive any mail that way you know exactly what is in your

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What does PMB stand for?

PMB stands for “Private Mail Box”. The USPS has PO Box designated for all mailboxes located in the post office so they request that everyone else with a private mailbox use PMB on their address to avoid confusion. Here at Prime Executive Offices, we can provide a unique address to each client for their private

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How do I rent a private mailbox?

A private mailbox can be rented from a “Virtual Office Address” provider.  Virtual office address services include benefits such as a real business address, mail receiving/management and searchable location listings for Google. In order to get a private mailbox for rent you need to conduct some research online and look at the costs and additional mailbox

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What is a private mailbox?

A private mailbox is a secure lockbox for mail offered to individuals and businesses. These Services are provided by companies, like Prime Executive Offices, and other carrier providers such as the UPS store, Post Net, Pak Mail, etc. With a private mailbox, your secure lockbox comes with a real business address to receive mail to.

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