Private Offices, a Professional Image at a Low Cost

If you are an entrepreneur starting a new business or growing an existing business, a private executive office might be a great fit for you. Similarly, attorneys, accountants, consultants and others wanting to control business expenses will find an executive office perfect for their needs.

Flexibility is key to sound business growth. You don’t want to take on too little, or too much, office space which may impact you negatively depending upon your business success. A major attraction of executive office centers, also known as office business centers or managed offices, is that you can usually add private offices as you need them or reduce the number of offices you use if you operate a seasonal business.

Operating costs for your business adjust according to your needs. In an executive office center, the management company owns all the office equipment so you only pay for postage, copies, faxes and meeting room time as you need the service. Of course, you bring your own computer and printer so you control your privacy. A breakroom offering complimentary coffee, tea and snacks is usually available.

There are 4 key questions you should ask when renting a private executive office:

  1. Does the management company own or lease the space they are offering to you? Owned space is best. If the management is renting space you share in the risk of their success.
  2. Are the walls soundproofed to a high level? Blown-in insulation is the most effective at minimizing transfer of sounds between offices. After all, you don’t want to listen to your neighbor.
  3. Is the office equipment modern? You don’t want aging copiers creating your documents.
  4. What is the Internet speed? You want to rent an executive office where the speeds are extremely fast. If there are many users on a slow system, then it will seem like the days of dial-up service.

At Prime Executive Offices, all of the above are offered to their valued tenants so they can operate at optimal levels.