Co-Working Space

Seven Reasons You Should Lease a Private Office Instead of a Co-Working Space

Though co-working offices – with their hip interiors and high-density open-space plans – are all the rage, they might not be right for you or your business.

While a flexible workspace and relatively low-cost lease might seem like a bargain, there are major trade-offs every tenant should be aware of.

“If you’re an independent contractor who doesn’t interact with clients much, or a software developer who writes code and can just put on some headphones, open your laptop and start working, then, yeah, sure, a co-working space might be for you,” says Sonya Orme, President of Prime Executive Offices. “But if you’re a professional services provider, working as a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor or business consultant, then you’re definitely going to want something more traditional and professional. And getting locked into a co-working space lease could be a big mistake.”

Orme offers prospective tenants seven reasons why they should choose a private office over a co-working space:

1. Your industry tends to be more conservative and your clientele likes to see a more traditional image.
2. Your work requires the kind of thoughtful concentration afforded by a private office.
3. Your work involves an abundance of confidential conversations either by phone or in person.
4. Your work involves private meetings with clients
5. Your work involves quiet work sessions with clients or colleagues
6. Your work involves meetings with clients who prefer confidentiality and may not enjoy walking into a busy open-plan office.
7. You believe your personal office should project a modicum of prestige, and it’s important that clients can see your degrees, professional certifications and accomplishments.


Sonya Orme is President of Prime Executive Offices and previously served as CEO of an international medical device company. In addition to operating her executive suites company, she regularly coaches and mentors entrepreneurs. Prime Executive Offices is located at 2244 Faraday Ave., Carlsbad, near Palomar Airport and offers a range of offices, virtual offices, mailboxes, and conference rooms at affordable prices. Prospective tenants and clients can learn more by calling 760-431-1100 or visiting