Business Mailbox Rental

Should You Rent a PO Box or a Private Mailbox for Your Business Mail?

Your business mailbox is one of those details that seem trivial to your business but is actually quite important. Without the right mailbox for your business, communication becomes quite difficult.

Many people think you need a PO Box for your business mail. While they might work for some, other options, such as a private mailbox, may prove more handy.

When choosing your business mailbox rental, should you go with a private mailbox? Let’s see why you might want to.

They’re More Affordable

If you have a home-based business, private mailboxes are much more affordable because you don’t have to rent out a whole office just to get your mail.

In addition, you can still get a legitimate business address where you can receive your business mail. That leads to the next point…


While PO Boxes are a step up in professionalism from using your personal mailing address, try taking it a step further with a private mailbox.

With a private mailbox, you get to use the address of the mail center that you rented it from. This will leave a more professional impression on those you keep mail correspondence with.


Moving your office soon?

With a traditional PO Box, you’ll have to change your business address every time you relocate. If you relocate often, this can really drain your time.

On the other hand, with a private mailbox, you can relocate your home office without having to update your business address each time.


The great thing about private mailboxes is their convenience.

The only way to check PO Box mail is to physically check it yourself every day.

As for private mailboxes, you can call your provider, set up email notifications, or check it yourself. Having these options gives you the flexibility to not visit your mailbox every day if you choose not to.

Also, your mailbox provider will sign for the package as if it were you and they’ll hold onto it until you’re able to come pick it up. Very convenient!

Think About A Private Mailbox

PO Boxes do have their advantages. For a lot of business, they work just fine.

But if your business is home-based or moves often, the flexibility and affordability of a private mailbox may suit your needs a lot better.