What is A Virtual Mailing Address?

A lot of times we have to calculate and think of what services best fit our needs and budget, especially for new businesses. If you are starting a business and want to register it with Secretary of State in California, you are required to have a real physical street address (no PO Boxes allowed) in the state of California. State of California doesn’t permit the use of PO Box for your business address on articles of formation documents.

You can get a real street address the traditional way by renting an executive office for rent in San Diego, or any other city in California, but an easier, more cost-efficient way to do this is by getting a virtual mailing address. 

virtual address is a real street address that you can use as a business address and mailing address without having to rent out a physical office space. It is called virtual address because you don’t need to be physically present to receive postal mail there.

With a virtual mailing address you are able to receive full mail collection and handling of important documents and business correspondence from anywhere while keeping your home address private. Unlike a PO Box, at a virtual mailing address location, trained administrative professionals handle and receive your mail and packages from USPS and other courier services and notify you depending on the service.

For many new, startup companies the best solution is to get a virtual mailing address to not only significantly cut costs but to also improve your professional image for your business.

How do you choose a location for your business?

Aside from being cheaper than signing up for an executive office rental lease, a virtual address is very easy to obtain even if you are living in a different state. Your business’ location is very important especially if your field/market is based in a specific area.

Invested Advisors, Inc. CEO, Crystal Sargent is amongst many out of state clients that greatly benefits from a virtual mailing address in Carlsbad. “I love working with the team at Prime Executive Offices and having the best address for my business in the heart of Carlsbad’s research park!”, Sargent said.

With a virtual office you are able to get a real street address from any location so your business can appear and be recognized in that area. 

How to get a virtual address?

To get a virtual address in California you can do a web search for Virtual Office Carlsbad or Carlsbad Virtual Office and look through the office rental agencies or Executive Office Center that comes up.

Once you select an agency with a reasonable price, a variety of office services and a commercially recognized address such as Prime Executive Offices, you can call or email them to sign up for a virtual office and within a few hours you will be set. Then you will have a legitimate, acceptable real business address for your new venture!