Office Space for Rent

How do you get a small office space?

You can get your small office space today by calling, emailing, filling out the online form on our website at Prime Executive Offices or visiting us at our executive location in Carlsbad, CA. Prime Executive Offices offers competitive pricing on affordable, executive office rentals. See our office rental pricing here.

How many square feet is a small office?

The amount of square feet for a small, private office is 120 sq. ft., according to CoStar Office Space Calculator. Although they can vary, small offices typically range from 80-150 sq. ft. At Prime Executive Offices we offer private offices ranging from 90-200 sq. ft.

How do I find office space?

When looking for office space Google may be the easiest and best reference to begin your search. Typing in the type of space you would like such as: small office space for rent, private office space for rent, executive office space near me, etc., will bring up a variety of venues for you to start …

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Why do you need an office?

Why you need an office completely depends on your business’ needs and functions. The main purpose of renting an office is to have an organized space to keep and communicate your business processes through. Having a place to store important documents, meet clients, host meetings, etc. is how an office provides efficiency to a business. …

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What is a shared office?

Shared office is known to be more convenient for startup professionals and freelancers as it is a cheaper alternative to renting an entire office space. Since not everyone needs an entire office to conduct their work, shared offices allow professionals from different areas to work in the same workspace generating a more creative work environment to …

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What does office space rent for in San Diego, CA?

Executive office space rentals in San Diego on average cost between $5-8 per square foot. According to the SquareFoot Calculator, the average estimated budget for a 200 sq. ft  executive office space rental in San Diego, is around $1,250 per month. Executive office spaces (fully serviced) typically include the following amenities: Utilities Furniture High-speed internet Receptionist …

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How much is it to rent an office?

On average, office rent prices range from $400- $1,500 a month, of course depending on the office size. At Prime Executive offices we have available standard offices starting at $550 a month. As a close-knit office, we are constantly making sure that we are doing everything we can to help our clients businesses grow and …

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How do I rent office space?

At Prime Executive Offices we make renting an office quick and hassle-free. Once you have decided what type of workspace you need you can give us a call to schedule a tour of our offices. We have different size offices and meeting rooms that we offer along with a list of amenities. Our rates are all inclusive with …

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