Off-Site Meeting Rooms Help Improve Employee Engagement

How Off-site Meeting Rooms Help Improve Employee Engagement

Maintaining a group of people’s attention can be a difficult thing to do in a meeting, especially if it goes on for hours. According to the Australian software company Atlassian, American employees spend an average of 31 hours in unproductive meetings in a month. Considering how many meetings a company holds in a week, it is important that all those meeting hours are not wasted and actually help contribute to the productivity of the business. That is why companies are noticing the vast improvements that off-site meeting room rentals are making in their organizational performance. 

How Does Employee Engagement Affect Your Business’ Performance?

According to Gallup’s latest Employee Engagement survey from 2018, the percentage of disengaged workers in the US is at 54%, leaving 34% of workers as disengaged and 13% as actively disengaged workers, the lowest they have reported. Although, there has been a slight increase in employee engagement over the past years, there are still the 53% of workers in the workforce that remain disengaged, which need to be addressed.  

Many companies have studied and researched how employee engagement impacts a business’ metrics. From the results of their survey study, Gallup stated, “…organizations that are the best in engaging their employees achieve earnings-per-share growth that is more than four times that of their competitors.” Thus, making it clear that employee engagement does correlate with the performance and financial health of a business, making it dire for owners and managers to find ways to sustain their employees’ productivity. 

Luckily, there are simple adjustments that companies can make to enhance employee engagement, such as renting out meeting rooms or conference space outside of their offices. 

Benefits of Changing Scenery

Making a change in scenery is one of the simplest improvements you can make to accelerate your organization’s performance. Hosting meetings outside of your normal meeting space environment reduces distractions during meetings as they are set in a secure and quiet location allowing attendees to be more productive.

By providing a change in meeting and conference venues, your meetings instantly become more enticing for attendees as they are invited to new exciting atmospheres in which new ideas can prosper. For example, it is like when kids are taken on a field trip to a historic museum. Everyone is still learning the same information that the teacher would have gone over in class, but by simply getting out of the same, boring classroom they are automatically stimulated and much more attentive. It is the basic idea of getting out of your routine and refreshing your mind by taking your work to a new attractive environment.

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