Manage Remote Employees with a Virtual Office

How to Effectively Manage Your Remote Employees with a Virtual Office

Running a business is all about communication, especially when it comes to running a business virtually. Now that more and more businesses are utilizing virtual offices and hiring remote workers it is most prevalent that they maintain an organized communication system to manage their employees. It is essential that companies preserve their remote employees so that they can continue to enhance their overall performance. 

Benefits of Having Remote Workers

According to a two year study conducted by Stanford University, there was a massive improvement in the performance of people working from home compared to people working from an office. The study was conducted on a group of 500 employees who were divided into two groups, group A worked from home and group B continued working from their office headquarters. The results showed an impressive 13% improvement in performance from employees working from home mainly due to there being less distractions at home. This demonstrates that giving employees the option to work in a less distracting setting and, in a sense, a self-governed workspace is a more motivating and productive atmosphere for them.

How to address the difficulties of virtually managing employees:

  1. It is important to establish remote work policies and guidelines for employees so that they know exactly what is expected of them and what it is they need to do in their daily routine. Since remote employees are at home and are capable of working on their own schedule it is important to set up an agenda to clarify how they keep track of their work hours and take breaks. This will help prevent any confusion in the future. 
  2. Provide employees with the necessary resources to communicate properly and conduct their work via their homes, such as a computer, internet access, software programs needed, email, phone, video conferencing equipment, etc. Due to the lack of face to face interaction with remote workers, it is essential that they have the appropriate communication platforms at their disposal so that they can still develop a strong, loyal employee/boss relationship and understand the seriousness of their work. 
  3. Make sure that your employees are self-motivated and independent workers. Since they will be working alone at home, they need to be comfortable with that type of setting and work process. There are some workers that may feel uncomfortable asking questions over the phone or through email so it is important that you again clarify the job specifics with your employees so that they fully understand how they will be working. 


The most important factor for running a business through a virtual business address is communication. Whether that be over the phone, through messaging, email, text, video chat, etc., maintaining good communication with employees is crucial. With virtual office rental solutions from Prime Executive Offices, you can be worry-free about your virtual mailbox rental service and can spend more of your time and energy focused on maintaining that communication and managing your employees so that you make sure you are driving business success. 


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