What are the different types of office space rentals?

There are 3 different types of office spaces which are: private office space, shared office space and large commercial office space.
A private office, also referred to as executive office space, is a space that is exclusively rented out to one person and includes all amenities such as: utilities, furniture, high-speed internet, receptionist, secretarial support, phone services and parking.
A shared office space, also known as coworking space, is when a company rents out an open space for their employees to share and work in. Shared offices do come with some amenities such as: utilities, furniture and internet.
A large commercial space is completely different from that of a private office as it is space that is solely 4 wall space with no amenities included. Companies usually rent out large commercial space so they can have more control over property management expenses, although having an all-inclusive private office would be cheaper in the long run.
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