Successful Meetings - Conference Rooms

What You Need in Your Conference Room to Have a Successful Meeting

Research has shown that people who run meetings effectively are perceived as more effective leaders. In order to run a great meeting, you need to focus on the needs of the participants and the tools you’ll need to ensure a smooth flow.

In thinking about your participants, you want to provide a:

  • Organized and formal agenda that’s been shared with participants in advance of the meeting, so they can discern the top priorities and how they fit within the scope of the meeting.
  • Clear timeline in which the meeting will begin and conclude
  • Introduction on why the meeting is important to all invited participants and what’s expected of them as contributors and finally,
  • List of anticipated take-aways and next steps

As to the flow of the meeting, you should consider that in today’s modern business environment, being relevant with today’s workforce means technology and knowing how to use it. Many businesses today cannot afford the steep cost and luxury of a top of the line tech stack. Luckily, there are conference room rentals that help people integrate their technology needs with their room rentals. Before you send an email to reserve your space for the first conference space you see online, here’s an example of the technology stack Prime Executives Offices offers:

  • 55” Smart HDTV with HDMI connection
  • High-speed, fiber-optic cable connection and Wi-Fi
  • State-of-the-art video conferencing
  • Telephone conference calling
  • Floor-to-ceiling white board wall for hands-on presentations
  • Individual dimmable lights to enhance your presentation
  • Video conferencing via Lifesize

Think a conference room isn’t for you?

Many large organizations use outside corporate meeting space as training rooms for rent for new product launches, coded enterprise projects and off-site management meetings. Non-profit organizations also rent a meeting room for Board and donor meetings especially if the organization has a work from home staff. Small business owners especially like to take advantage of meeting space when meeting with prospective clients. Booking a conference room is as easy as picking up the phone or sending an email to reserve your space. The cost is affordable and can be secured by the hour or day.
The Meeting Space Experience

When running a meeting, the physical aspects of the meeting room play a pivotal role in the success of participant engagement. That’s why when you’re considering meeting space rental, you should choose a business meeting space with an abundance of natural light to help improve moods and increase energy to spark creativity and innovation for the business.

Prime Executive Offices, a shared workspace real estate firm in San Diego county offers floor-to-ceiling windows which brightens the room and moods of those in it. Also included in the conference room rental are assorted beverages, Nespresso coffee station and healthy snacks for all participants.

Participants are welcome to arrive a few minutes early to help ensure the meeting starts on time. The conference rooms at Prime Executive Offices are also easy for each participant to get to, with ample free, drive-up parking, which helps start the meeting with a level of happiness rather than frustration, which is just another way to extract the energizing force of your team.