Business Mailbox Rental

The Benefits of a Business Mailbox

Like the U.S. Postal Service itself, your mail and therefore your mailbox is a crucial link between your business and the outside world. You don’t want to entrust that place of importance to just anyone? If you recently started your business or realizing growth in your operation, have you ever considered a private office mailbox?

What is a Private Mailbox?

Unlike the U.S. Postal Service that owns the mailbox outside of your home or business, with a private mailbox rental, you have a rental agreement on the use of a business mailbox for any length of time you choose. Your mail from the U.S.P.S., FedEx, UPS, messenger services and more can be delivered to your private mailbox during normal business hours.

By using a mailbox rental, you benefit from having your mail sent to a prestigious business address in an office park or business district. By contrast, if you’re using a mailbox from UPS, for example, a quick Google search will alert your customers your office isn’t really an office after all. All the goodwill you built up about the success of your business may be diluted by that one quick online search. It is hard for a business to recover from the dilution of brand equity. Further, since you cannot use the post office address on your business cards or website, your current and prospective clients will know it’s just a mailbox location. Whereas when you choose an executive center, especially one that occupies the whole building, you get a “real address” with an assigned number only to you. It’s another great step in the right direction to support and enhance your brand.

Having a mailbox where you can include a physical address in a great location is an important marker of success.

When you add on a business address rental or virtual office address, you’ll have a great virtual business address and the highest levels of administrative support along with the virtual mailbox benefits including:

  • Great physical address
  • Package mailbox delivery
  • Mail pick-up or mail forwarding services
  • Courtesy calls when you receive a package
  • A receptionist to receive messages

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s more affordable than you may think to have your own private mailbox. At a Class A business location such as Prime Executive Offices in Carlsbad, CA, the cost would be substantially less than any corporate center offering these services.

How Do I Rent a Mailbox?

Signing up for a private mailbox rental is a simple as putting your signature on a few documents.

If you have an existing mailbox rental with the post office or a UPS store, making a change would be as easy as forwarding your mail with a change of address. A change of address also gives you an opportunity to connect with your clients and discover new opportunities to serve their needs and grow your business!

What if I Don’t Live in the San Diego Area?

 You don’t need to live in the San Diego area to take advantage of our mailbox rental. With our host of virtual office services, we are able to support your business mailbox needs through various forms of mail forwarding services.